15 Most Reliable & Natural-Sounding Free Text To Speech API Solutions

Explore the most trustworthy and authentic free text to speech API solutions in our comprehensive guide. Enhance your projects with these top APIs.

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Discover the wonders of free text to speech API and unlock innovative opportunities with text to speech technology. As the demand for seamless integration of AI-driven solutions into various platforms grows exponentially, the significance of leveraging a free text to speech API becomes indispensable. The realm of possibilities with text to speech technology is limitless, encompassing real-time translation services, the development of educational tools for differently-abled individuals, and enhancing user experience in gaming and virtual environments.

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What Is A Text To Speech API?

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A Text-to-Speech (TTS) API is a software interface that enables developers to incorporate TTS functionality into their applications or services. Essentially, it translates written text into spoken words. Through TTS APIs, developers can create natural-sounding speech output in different languages and accents. The TTS API receives text input in JSON format, which can be formatted using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).

This formatting language enhances the efficiency of speech synthesis programs. Upon receiving the request, the API returns the corresponding audio object, which can be integrated into the program requesting it and played for the end-user. TTS APIs make it possible for developers to include speech-based text output in their applications or services.

15 Most Reliable & Natural-Sounding Free Text To Speech API

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1. Unreal Speech

Unreal Speech offers a low-cost, highly scalable text-to-speech API with natural-sounding AI voices. This tool is renowned for being the cheapest and most high-quality solution in the market, cutting text-to-speech costs by up to 90%. Users can benefit from human-like AI voices, super-fast/low-latency API, and the option for per-word timestamps.

The simple and easy-to-use API ensures that users can give their LLM a voice with ease and offer this functionality at scale. If you are looking for a cheap, scalable, and realistic TTS to incorporate into your products, Unreal Speech is the perfect solution.

2. YakiToMe

YakiToMe simplifies the process of converting text files into voice files with ease. Users can effortlessly download the generated voice files in the popular MP3 audio format. This user-friendly and feature-rich tool is ideal for those seeking an uncomplicated text-to-speech solution with the added benefit of audio file downloads.

3. Mozilla

Mozilla TTS is an open-source model that provides tools and models for converting text into human-like speech. The primary model, Tacotron 2, generates mel-spectrograms, and can be paired with a vocoder like WaveGlow to create audio.

4. Coqui

Coqui is a deep learning toolkit for Speech-to-Text transcription used in over twenty languages for various projects. It also offers a variety of essential inference and productionization features.


MARY Text-to-Speech, also known as MARYTTS, is a versatile multilingual TTS synthesis platform catering to a wide array of languages, making it an excellent choice for global applications.

6. eSpeak

eSpeak is a compact, open-source text-to-speech engine compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. It accommodates numerous languages, making it suitable for a diverse range of users.

7. Mimic

Mimic distinguishes itself as a high-speed open-source TTS engine, making it an attractive choice for applications where real-time speech generation is crucial.

8. CMU Flite TTS (Festival Lite)

CMU Flite TTS, commonly referred to as Festival Lite or Flite, is a lightweight runtime TTS engine celebrated for its speed and efficiency. Being an open-source engine, it offers cost-free usage and extensive customizations for tailored needs.

9. WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs offers a powerful text-to-speech software with a free plan that allows users to use the Studio for up to seven days by signing up with their work email IDs.

10. Balabolka

Balabolka is a free text-to-speech software using various versions of the Microsoft Speech API to alter voice parameters. It can work only on Windows devices.

11. Resemble AI's TTS

Resemble AI's TTS enables developers to add emotions to their voices without any new data required, offering real-time, realistic speech-to-speech technology with granular control over inflections and intonations.

12. Speechify

Speechify provides a Text-to-Speech tool supporting over 30 languages and offering a browser extension that enables text content to be read aloud from any web page.

13. Play.ht's TTS APIs

Play.ht's TTS APIs can generate voices with human intonations in multiple languages and accents, supporting 142 languages and accents globally.

14. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker offers Text-to-Speech services and APIs with a wide selection of languages and lifelike voices, enabling speech generation in various languages and accents.

15. Rev.ai

Rev.ai is a TTS API providing high-quality text-to-speech conversion with natural-sounding voices, supporting multiple languages and accents for integration into various applications and services.

Application And Use Cases Of TTS API

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Accessibility: Enhancing Inclusivity and Accessibility with TTS API

TTS technology plays a crucial role in improving accessibility for individuals with visual or reading impairments, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. By converting written text into spoken words, TTS enables these individuals to access and consume information more easily. This technology allows for a more inclusive society where everyone can have equal access to information.

E-Learning: Revolutionizing Learning with TTS API

In the realm of e-learning, TTS API can greatly enhance learning experiences by creating a more engaging and interactive environment. By providing audio descriptions of visual content, TTS makes learning accessible to a broader audience. Students can listen to their coursework rather than read it, which can be a boon for visual learners or individuals with reading difficulties.

Audiobooks: Rapid and Cost-Effective Creation of Audiobooks with TTS API

TTS technology has revolutionized the creation of audiobooks by offering a quick and cost-effective alternative to human narrators. This approach saves organizations time and money while still delivering an exceptional listening experience for consumers. Audiobooks created with TTS API can be incredibly versatile and cater to different consumer preferences.

Customer Service: Streamlining Customer Service with TTS API

TTS technology has vast potential to enhance customer service experiences by providing automated voice responses that can quickly address frequently asked questions or provide instructions. This streamlined approach saves customers time and improves their overall experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Marketing: Elevating Marketing Content with TTS API Narrators

Utilizing TTS technology in marketing efforts can lead to more engaging videos, commercials, and other marketing content produced quickly and easily. AI narrators can be customized to match a brand's tone and voice, making the content more captivating and appealing to consumers. This level of customization can greatly improve customer engagement and retention.

Virtual Assistants: Revolutionizing User Interactions with TTS API Virtual Assistants

TTS technology enables the creation of virtual assistants, such as Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa, which can provide spoken responses to user queries. These assistants offer a human-like interaction experience, making them an integral part of our daily lives.

Gaming: Immersive Gaming Experiences with TTS API

In the gaming industry, TTS can enhance the overall gaming experience by creating immersive and engaging storylines and providing audio cues and instructions. This can make games more accessible to different audiences and improve the overall gaming experience.

TTS technology is a game-changer for navigation systems, offering spoken directions and instructions that can be incredibly useful for drivers or pedestrians. This feature eliminates the need to look at screens constantly while navigating and allows individuals to keep their focus on the road or their surroundings.

News Broadcasting: Transforming News Segments with TTS API Narrators

News broadcasting can significantly benefit from TTS technology, creating news segments that can be broadcast across multiple platforms. AI narrators can be customized to match a specific news organization's tone and style, delivering a consistent and engaging news experience to viewers.

Interactive Voice Response Systems: Enhancing Customer Service with TTS API IVR Systems

TTS technology can be used to create interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which automate responses to customer questions or concerns. These systems streamline customer service processes and provide quick and efficient assistance to callers.

Limitations Of Free Text To Speech API Solutions

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Intended for Personal Use Only

While free TTS solutions can be a valuable tool for personal projects, they often come with limitations for commercial or enterprise purposes. These restrictions can hinder the full potential of the software and limit its application in larger-scale projects or businesses.

Narrow Choice of Voices and Languages

Free TTS APIs may offer a limited array of voices and languages compared to their paid counterparts. This lack of diversity can impact the customization and personalization options available, preventing users from finding the perfect fit for their specific needs.

Limited Customization Opportunities

The customization options in free TTS software are typically less extensive than those in paid versions. This limitation can restrict the ability to adjust voice pitch, speed, style, or other aspects of the speech output, limiting the software's adaptability to different requirements.

Character Limitations

Some free TTS tools impose character restrictions on text conversion, which can be a significant drawback for users who need to process a large volume of text. These limitations can diminish the efficiency of the software and make it less suitable for content creation or other text-heavy tasks.

Download Restrictions

Restrictions on downloading audio files are another common limitation of free TTS solutions. This feature is often essential for creating content for platforms like YouTube or social media, where audio files are a key component. This restriction can reduce the flexibility and usability of the software for users with these specific needs.

Limited Support and Documentation

Free TTS software may lack comprehensive support and documentation, making it more challenging for users to troubleshoot issues or learn how to use the software effectively. This lack of resources can hinder the software's accessibility and utility, especially for users who rely on timely assistance or guidance.

The Different Pricing Models For TTS APIs

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Pricing models for TTS APIs vary widely. While the ones on this list offer free tiers with basic features, ideal for small-scale projects or experimentation. Subscription-based models, on the other hand, typically provide more advanced features and higher usage limits, catering to larger businesses.

Pay-as-you-go options allow for flexibility and are cost-effective for fluctuating usage. When selecting a TTS API, consider factors like the scale of your project, required features, and budget constraints to choose the most suitable pricing model.

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